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Groomers  Shampoos

dog The shampoos and conditioners used are manufactured specifically for use on dogs.
These quality controlled items all come with a certificate of conformity to ISO9002.

Dog bath types of shampoo used in daily baths are as follows:-

paw  Puppy
paw  Poodle
paw  Luxury Conditioning
paw  Tea Tree
paw  Deodorising
paw  Greasy coat
paw  Citronella & Eucalyptus
paw  Detangle Conditioner

Remember, we only use high quality dedicated dog shampoos which enhance the condition of the dog’s coat. We also use Tea Tree oil shampoo especially formulated for allergies.

We maintain the highest standards, our shampoos and sprays are manufactured for Groomers to exacting specifications.

We currently have on record over 100 different breed of dogs which our experienced staff can clip to breed standard ranging from a miniature Yorkshire Terrier to a Standard Poodle.
We also now enjoy the custom of many of the newer Designer Breeds.

Advice and information on grooming freely given.