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Groomers  We know you have a choice


All breeds of dog are professionally groomed to the highest standard by our qualified and experienced staff. We supply a full nose to tail service no matter how large or small the request (or the dog!).

Our salon is fully equipped with specialist dog grooming equipment.

When entering the salon both the dog and owner are made to feel welcome and put at ease by the friendly and experienced staff. The dog is then bathed using the correct shampoo for its coat, conditioned if necessary, then dried. It is then placed on the grooming table where it is groomed to a high standard either in breed standard or domestic trim as the owner requests. The grooming session includes the dog's nails being cut and its ears cleaned if appropriate. At all times the dog is spoken to and given attention.


All types of dog can be given the pleasure of just a bath. This is wonderfully therapeutic for the dog and a delight for the owner.
Although nails are cut when the dog is groomed a service is also supplied for nail clipping only.
All equipment used is serviced on a regular basis. All scissors and blades are sharpened by experts to ensure the finest and cleanest cut with no pulling of the hair.
Customers who wish to wait for their dog can sit in our waiting room. There is closed circuit television so that you can watch your dog receiving the expert care and attention of our staff.